Mermaid Sighting: Mermaid Mona’s Newest Addition

This week, our sighting comes from our very own Mermaid Mona! Mona is our newest Mermaid Cottages family member and does a fabulous job helping us with guest services. Well, Mermaid Mona has outfitted her desk with loads of lovely ladies, but her most recent addition takes the cake!

“Take a look at my new mermaid; a junking find in Fernandina! She’s over 3 feet long and I think she makes the perfect addition to my Mermaid desk!”

Isn't Mona's Mermaid desk fabulous?!

She’s fabulous, Mona! We love her, and the rest of your desk! Thank you so much for sharing. She’s definitely a wonderful addition to your mermaid collection!

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