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Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

June 13, 2012

Doyle’s on the Beach- magic on Tybee Island!

The deck and the ocean view

We have an amazing home RIGHT ON THE BEACH!  Really and truly.  The ocean is so close that when those sea turtles come ashore to lay their eggs they can wave to the guests who are sitting on the deck!  Now the dunes are between the home and the water but it’s an spectacular view.  The home has been in the same family for over 50 years and has been the home of many Doyle Family parties.  Now we welcome Mermaid Cottage guests to enjoy, relax and re connect to the things that are truly important.

Another view of the deck


Yet another great view. Can you see the sea turtles rushing to shore to lay their eggs?


Jamie Deen Filming on Tybee

Jamie Deen

Jamie Deen has been filming on Tybee. His new show “Home For Dinner” premiers this saturday morning at 10:30 AM on The Food Network. He is delighted with the show being slotted after his famous mother’s show Paula’s Best Dishes“. There is a new article about the filming with an attached recipe in A Tybee Island beach house has been used for the filming. This should be great fun to watch.

Enjoy, Riptide

Sitting on my Tybee front porch


Ahh, life is good! It’s dusk here on Tybee Island and  the rain has cooled things off- some….  Still summer time and still muggy but not as bad as it’s been.   We had tons and tons of rain, but that’s ok but we really did need it.  The salt marsh needed the rain, the flowers needed the rain and the island is so lush and green we look like Costa Rica!!!   The frogs are croaking in ponds that have popped up everywhere. I wish I could play a tape recording of how loud they are!  The dog pack ( Sophie, Danny and Boomer) are on the front porch watching all the bike riders pedal by.  We can also see a snippet of the sunset over the Back River thru the live oak trees.   Really wonderful way to spend the evening!


Danny enjoys the porch. He gets to bark at everyone who walk past the house.