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May 2012

Mermaids in the Kitchen: Perfect Peach Cobbler

It’s almost summertime, and that means PEACHES! Georgia is known for them, and there are loads of ways to enjoy them. Today, we are lucky enough to have a recipe for Peach Cobbler from one of our favorite home-chefs, Mermaid Melissa’s husband Rob!

“My family always loves a quick and easy dessert recipe. They are great for those times you need to whip up something yummy on short notice! This cobbler traditional recipe sure fits the bill every time we make it for a picnic or family gathering. It’s one of our favorites for sure!”

Wow, that looks so yummy, Rob! Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I’m sure there’s no better way to celebrate summer’s arrival than with this sweet treat. We can’t wait to give it a try!

Make sure you scroll down and get your copy of this yummy recipe Rob shared with us. Let us know if you try it, too! Bon appetite!

Savannah’s own Bobby Deen & Sriracha Hot Sauce

Sriracha sauce

Chef Bill here ~ Recently I’ve been watching Bobby Deen’s new show Not My Mama’s Meals on Cooking Channel. I you are unaware of him he is Paula Deen’s youngest son.He demonstrated a dipping sauce using Sriracha sauce. His show and the hot sauce are two of my new favorite things. He started with 1/2 tsp of curry powder. I substituted that with my 5 spice blend.  This is my version done from memory, It’s fantastic! Try it with shrimp cocktail. Cook time is quick total of just a couple of minute to heat the ingredients up. This will keep refrigerated for a couple of weeks. For more recipes and lifestyle information go to my blog Hulsman Style.

Spring has Sprung and Summer is Around the Corner at Tybee Tides Cottage!

Here at Mermaid Cottages, we sure do love our outdoor living! That said, we are super excited about the beauty springing forth over at Tybee Tides Cottage on Venetian Drive. The spring showers certainly have encouraged the flowers around here, and our cottages look like they are being hugged by springtime!

Isn’t that gorgeous?! Nature might be beautiful, but we also have an awesome green thumb in our ranks. Lisa, owner of Plan It Green Design, helps us with all our landscaping needs. She’s our flora expert and the brainchild behind our beautiful outdoor living spaces. So thanks for sharing these with us Lisa, we smile each time we see pictures like this!


Tybee is no different from any other southern hot climate. Staying fit is a challenge 2 years ago I decided to not give in to a sedentary lifestyle. Just because it’s hot that doesn’t mean give up. As the temperature climbs the earlier or later my outdoor activity happens. Without fail every other day I walk. My lifetime high weight of 232Lb’s 12 years ago, has given way to 182Lb’s. That’s a 50 pound loss in my adult lifetime. I attribute this to interval training. (also called circuit training) It wasn’t until I learned how to do that type of workout that I successfully lost weight. In the last 2 years after my 50th I have lost 38 out of the 50 pounds. Interval training is maintaining your heart rate with a cycle or a stair master between lift sessions. 42 minutes of that and you will continue to burn fat 24 hours + after you work out. It’s a miracle! and best of all it works. Having spent quite a bit of time on Tybee with Diane in the past. I know what a great place to walk it is. I’m looking forward  my return at the end of the week.

Bill at goal weight