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An old door with the door handle that we used on Doyles on the Beach

We love headboards!  The more creative the better.  The more unusual the better. If we can find an old door or old shutter and can attach it to a wall, we’re thrilled!  I’ve brought old shutters I found on the side of the road in Key West and used as a headboard.  I’ve gone to Goodwill and done the happy dance because I found the ideal rusty crusty old door that looks sad and forlorn and I knew would make that bed absolutely perfect.  Here are some great pictures of some of our Mermaid Cottage headboards!

4 old green shutters that we rescued from the trash. These are from the bed at Mermaid Manor
Old shutters we painted a soft white and attached to the wall. This is from Screened Inn
This old shutter came from a junk store in Delaware

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