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Mermaid Sightings: Studio del Vetro

Mermaid Sightings of Deb DiMarco's Black Mermaids
Black Mermaids, Studio del Vetro, Deb DiMarco-Artist

Studio del Vetro and artist Deb DiMarco was featured in our May Mermaid Sightings.  We were just so in love with Deb’s work we had to share it with you.  Well, Deb heard about our admiration and wrote us this lovely note.

“I wanted to write to thank you for featuring my mermaids on your website. If it hadn’t been for Cookie Washington, curator of the “Mermaids and Merwomen in Black Folklore” exhibition at City Gallery at Waterfront Park in Historic Charleston, SC on view August 28 through October 28, 2012 I would never have been aware that you had found my work. Cookie tracked me down from your blog posting to invite me to show my mermaids at what promises to be a fabulous art event. I thought it might be nice to send you a photo of my newest mermaids inspired by Cookie. 10 of these little ladies are to be sold in advance of the show to help bring Dr. Henry Drewal to Charleston City Gallery where he will lecture on Mami Wata and the black mermaids.

Thanks to you Diane and to Cookie Washington for finding my mermaids swimming in the tides of the internet sea.  If you would like to use the photos Diane, you have my permission.  Thanks again for the post. I am attaching my web address so you can have a link to my site. I haven’t had a chance to add these newest mermaids to the site yet, but they should be up in a few hours.”

Deb DiMarco

Studio del Vetro

Salem, NJ

I’m so happy we spotted Deb’s mermaids and her Studio del Vetro and I hope Deb gets to visit us sometime.  She just might run into a mermaid or seven or thirty on Tybee Island!  Now that would be a wonderful mermaid sighting.  As usual, we’d love to see your mermaids.  Be sure to share your sightings until you can come and bring some with you for a visit!

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