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Mermaids In The Media: She’s So Skirt!

voluntourism in Tybee IslandThis week’s Mermaids In The Media features Head Mermaid Diane and her She’s So Skirt! profile in the June issue of skirt! magazine.

The magazine says, “skirt! is all about women…their work, play, families, creativity, style, health, and wealth, bodies and souls…skirt! is an attitude.”  It’s definitely an honor for Diane to be included and it was another great opportunity to share her Mermaids Make A Difference philosophy.

Mermaid Cottages has the coziest homes away from home in Tybee Island , it’s true, but Diane makes sure we’re more than vacation rentals; we’re part of a community. That’s why we are active with the local island community, including helping people and local organizations we believe in and love. That’s what our philosophy, Mermaids Make a Difference, is all about!

Diane and the Mermaids’ (and mer-men’s) team loves giving back to our community and wants to share every opportunity we know about with you! If you are looking for ways to be more involved, whether it’s during your vacation or just for the day, make sure to check out the Community tab on our website.  It’s a little thing we like to call Voluntourism on Tybee, and we’d love for you to join us in giving back! Diane plans Beach Sweeps on a regular basis to help keep Tybee looking good and she volunteers much of her time to the arts community and historic preservation, too.  Just by staying with Mermaid Cottages you are giving back! Your stay helps us support Tybee’s Sea Turtles and the guide dogs we sponsor each year!

Diane loves Mermaid Cottages and Tybee Island and we know you do, too! We encourage you to take a little time during your visit to Tybee and join us in giving back to the community we hold so dear. It’s so skirt!

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