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Mermaid Sightings: They’re In Annapolis, Too!

Mermaids are everywhere!  They’re in Annapolis, too!  This week’s Mermaid Sightings come from Rhonda, our Mermaid friend in Maryland.

“I found these in Annapolis last week.  The one with the tag is a fan for sale at Bed, Bath & Beyond. (They also had crab fans!).”

Mermaid Sightings: They're In Annapolis, Too
This beauty was spotted at Bed, Bath and Beyond!

“The other is the logo for a car wash.”
– Rhonda

Mermaid Sightings: They're In Annapolis, Too

We even did a little checking and found that Maritime Autowash is a Best of Annapolis award winner!  “Maritime Autowash is a full time carwash utilizing state of the art hybrid technology.  We recycle 97% of our wash water and only use biodegradable detergents and waxes.”  They’re a leader in environmental conservation, just like us!

Thanks to Rhonda for sharing these two sea gals with us.  Remember, when you’re out and about and see a Mermaid, snap a photo and email it to diane@mermaidcottages.com.  You and your Mermaid Sighting may be featured in an upcoming blog post!



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