Tybee’s Summer Movie Nights

Tybee's Summer Movie NightsTybee’s Summer Movie Nights present the best in family fun for you!  Tybee days are filled with sun, surf and sand and soon we’re going to light up the nights, too.  For instance, on Saturday, July 19th, meet us over at Memorial Park say around Dark-Thirty.  Pack your picnic basket and prepare to spread out as you watch a family friendly movie.  This time it’ll be Dolphin Tale, a story centered on the friendship between a boy and a dolphin whose tail was lost in a crab trap.  Won’t it be just magical to be watching such a great movie with our gorgeous seascape in the background?  Of course, you’ll want to treat yourself as if you’re at a Hollywood premiere, so start planning now and book your stay in one of these great cottages with real star power.

Tybee's Summer Movie Nights

Fiddler on the Creek circa 1940 is a true cottage. Only serious cottage lovers need apply as this is a small, charming, authentic place to …