Tybee Beach Trips with Toddlers

Baby on Tybee BeachHave you ever been to the beach with little ones? Trips to the beach with toddlers can have more than their share of adventures.

Tybee is such a great place for the whole family to enjoy.  However, with a few tried and true tips, your beach trip can be more pleasant than ever!


Mermaid Breana

GO EARLY: Lifeguards are out as early as 8:30am on most days especially weekends. Plus, toddlers are at their best right after breakfast with plenty of time before the napping yawns begin.  Also, the heat is at it’s lowest and will keep them from getting over heated before lunch!

Baby in Tybee Tidal pool

18th Street:  There are many entrances to the beach.  If you are going with very small children, 18th Street is the place for you.  It’s location includes bathrooms right next to its boardwalk, a lifeguard station right at the beginning of the soft sand, and almost always, a tidal pool. Tidal pools are great for the very small kids, the first timers and the boundary challengers. No worries about waves taking the toys back with them to the ocean!