What’s In Your Tybee Beach Bag?

what's in your Tybee beach bag
Photo by Margo Cook

Yes, we see all you lucky folks out on the beach and we’ve been thinking, “What’s in your Tybee Beach Bag?”  Every day is a fashion show and some folks come prepared to spend the entire day without having to miss a moment in the sun.  Some are reading, some are napping, some get the munchies while others pull out a multi-course meal.  And, there’s the actual beach bag itself.  Here are some packing tips that are sure to help make your time on the beach cool and breezy.

* Choose a sturdy beach bag big enough to hold all of your items.  Keep in mind if you’re planning to keep some things chilled or warm.

* Decide if you’ll lay out on a beach towel or if you’d prefer a beach chair and an umbrella.

* Remember to pack toys, sporting equipment, sunscreen , sunglasses, hat and caps.

* Place your towels in the bottom of the bag, first, and then any books or heavy items followed by lighter miscellaneous items and then your hot/cold items in separate bags and inside a lunch box last. …