Transportation on Tybee Island

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By Ashley Toro, Mermaid Cottages

Transportation on Tybee Island is very unique in that they offer many different varieties.

vintage-bike-on-beach 2Adult BikeBecause the island is only three miles in diameter, the best mode of transportation is your own two feet! Most of the shops, restaurants and attractions are all within walking distance of one another. Please note, there are two ends of the island, North and South, and both have their own personality. If you’re not a fan of walking, no worries! Tybee takes much pride in providing a bicycle friendly community for locals and visitors.

Take a morning bike ride down the beach at sunrise or an afternoon cruise through the local parks and trails. If you’re adventurous, you may want to try out the six-mile long McQueen’s Island Trail, aka Old Railroad Trail, along US-80. Watch the beautiful sun set across the open waters and you will find yourself in awe. It’s the perfect end to a great day on Tybee!