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August 4, 2014

A Little Mermaid

a little mermaid
Mermaid Autumn’s first look at her cover photo on the Mermaid Cottages website.

A little Mermaid reached out to us to share her love of the ocean and she sent us a series of photos that quite simply took our breaths away.  We just had to know more.  We reached out to this little Mermaid and her mom and her words have really inspired us to be sure we support the dreams of all Mermaids-In-Waiting.  Her name is Mermaid Autumn and this is her story.

mermaid autumn

“Autumn is a 10 year old spontaneous, playful, lovable junior mermaid.  She is a daughter to Christopher and Kara Trimmer and sister to Darius, Charles and Bradley.  Autumn has been swimming since she was a baby and she started swimming as a mermaid in pools the summer of 2014.  Autumn is a student at Kessler Elementary and loves the water, whether it’s oceans or pools.  Autumn loves mermaids and all water life, but she is most drawn to the unknown in the deep blue.  Autumn wants to help clean the ocean and its beaches and feels sad when she see human litter.  She wants to help save the sea turtles and feels confident that the turtles will one day soon be taken off the endangered list.  She currently is trying to start an Ocean Conservation Mermaid Group for juniors and is making orca loom bracelets for everyone that donates to her project/idea.  She would love to see more kids join her mermaid pod to swim and to volunteer for ocean clean ups.  One tail at a time, kids can save the ocean.”

Free Things to Do on Tybee Island

Look what we found on Visittybee.com!

By: Ashley Toro, Mermaid Cottages

Who knew there was so many free things to do on Tybee Island? 

Watching the sunset or sunrise is a magical part of Tybee Beaches. There are four distinct beaches on our island. And we would love to tell you a little about each of them:

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 5.10.22 PMNorth Beach starts as you come onto the island and stretches to the big anchor at the curve on Butler Avenue. The North Beach is a great place for bird watching. It is also a great spot for watching the cargo ships come into the ports at the Savannah River. 

Mid-Island starts at the big anchor and goes to 14th Street. For those looking for an adventure, you can search the beaches for shark’s teeth and unique sea shells along the shore.

South Beach begins at 14th Street and extends to the tip of the island.  This is your busiest beach of them all. South Beach includes the Pier & Pavilion where you can see fishermen pull in their catch, people watch, dolphin watch and enjoy the scenery. South Beach is great for all occasions and has many local shopping and eateries across the parking lots. 

Back River Beach starts at the tip of the island and goes all the way to Alley 3. This is where you’ll find a more private beach with a pier for fishing. It is a great location for dolphin watching as well. It also has the perfect view of Little Tybee, a small island across the water way accessible by boat.