Now I Lay Me Down To Tybee

now I lay me down to tybeeNow I lay me down to Tybee.  Yep, sleeping by the sea is just what everyone needs for that full night’s restful sleep.  The beds in Mermaid Cottages have been thoughtfully turned down with you in mind.  Anyone can make a bed, but it really takes a skilled Mermaid to create a sanctuary where you get the most of your sleep time.  Our Mermaids work with our cottage owners to help find just the right mattresses, pillows and beddings for each bedroom and we help create some pretty special daybeds. sleeping porches and hammocks, too.  Just wish upon a Mermaid and tell us if you prefer soft and fluffy or if you need a firmer bed to get your best rest.  Every cottage is special and here are a few from our collection with some of the best sleep chambers on the island.

now I lay me down to tybee

Layla and Kevin Palmer of The Lettered Cottage completely redecorated our Enlisted Mens Mess Hall circa 1929.  They created this dreamy twin bedroom that’s perfect for …