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What The Shell? Let’s Go Beachy

what the shell?  let's go beachyWhat the shell?  Let’s go beachy with our décor!  Of course, we love working with our cottage owners to create that special cottage charm and you can do it, too.  Who says your home has to be right at the waters edge for you to let all shell break loose?  You might be land locked, but you go right ahead and create your own island paradise in your own home, too.  Here are a few inspirations that’ll have you going coastal in no time.

Mermaid Mona visits several beaches up and down the east coast every summer and she has a great eye for just the right items to compliment her coastal style.  She regularly shares her decorating projects and her photographs of her cottage style and here’s a beautiful tablescape she recently created.

what the shell?  let's go beachy

“The various shells were collected over time for the different beaches my husband and I visit each year.  The Mermaid-on-Piling is a salt and pepper shaker I found at Beach Road Boutique in Englewood/Manasota Key, FL.  The platter under the vase and the dishes are from Beall’s Outlet.  The shell-printed Parson’s chair is from TJ MAXX and the dolphin vase is from Tuesday Morning.  The lovely tea towels were a birthday gift from a friend who visited a cute shop on St. Simons Island a few years ago.”

what the shell? let's go beachy
Back River Bungalow

A lovely bowl or a vintage wicker basket is just right for displaying shells you’ve collected.

what the shell? let's go beachy
Dutton-Waller Cottage circa 1938

A grouping of vintage signs will liven up the hallways where you have to trek from the laundry room to the kitchen and rooms in between.

what the shell?  let's go beachy
Crabby Pirate circa 1940

Paint yourself some beachy reminders on reclaimed wood or driftwood to brighten your mood.

what the shell?  let's go beachy
Fish Camp Cottage circa 1924

Who says you have to restrict your seaside décor to the inside?  We all love to indulge in an outside shower after a day at the beach, so just imagine that top soil your sportin’ from working in your garden is as salty as the sea.  Design yourself an outside shower with a mermaid’s flair and wash those suburban blues right out of your hair!

what the shell?  let's go beachy
Enlisted Mens Mess Hall circa 1929

Just to be sure your seaside dreams don’t get lost in translation, make space for your own personal chalk board and write yourself notes to remind you it’s good to be beachy!

Barefoot Children Cottage
Barefoot Children Cottage

What the shell? Let’s go beachy.  Go ahead and declare your inner Mermaid.

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