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a mermaid crossing at canty's cottage

Feel At Home In This Tybee Island Vacation Home

Feel at home in this Tybee Island vacation home and enjoy your Tybee Time!  Let’s face it.  Many times vacation rentals can be cookie cutter, as well as kitschy, and not in a good way.  You always know your beach getaway is going to be something special when you instantly feel the soul of a vintage cottage as you walk in the door.  Your feeling of comfort and home continues to grow during your visit as your cottage reveals itself a little at a time.  The beauty is in the details, the thoughtfulness of the owner and of those who help care for it.  Such is the case with Canty’s.

feel at home in this Tybee Island vacation home.

Canty’s Cottage is a classic mid-century modern island home that Mary Elizabeth Canty and her family have enjoyed with family and friends since her childhood. Built in the 1950’s and completely restored, you’ll feel the love and comfort in the many thoughtful details and décor.  This tiny house shows you how good taste makes your kitschy be good.

Curb Appeal

feel at home in this Tybee Island vacation home.

Neat and tidy as if Ward could be pulling up in the drive with Wally and the Beaver at any moment.  It would be no surprise if June Cleaver opened the periwinkle front door herself, resplendent in her neatly ironed house dress with pearls around her neck.  Just parlay your finned, 1960s Plymouth into the carport and shake off those modern day blues.


You'll love the feel of this tybee island vacation home.

Fans of Frank Lloyd Wright will excite over how the original builder did no wrong.  Everything fits together with purpose and style.  If you’re going to have a roof over your head, make it one that fits right in with the peaceful and tranquil setting.

Blanche, Rose, Dorothy or Sophia

feel at home in cantys cottage circa 1957

Who wouldn’t love settling in to a cozy retreat straight out of the Golden Girls?  The rooms reflect the laid back, island style of the community and signal you’re on vacation.

True Blue

feel at home in cantys cottage circa 1957

Why be something you’re not?  Artwork throughout the cottage is by local artists.  It’s authentic, beachy and right at home here.

And Then There’s Mod…

you'll love the mod furnishings here.

Anyone else fascinated by vintage and period light fixtures?  There are really great ones throughout this Tybee Island vacation home. The tall, silo floor lamps in the den will make you feel “uncompromisin’, enterprisin’, anything but tranquilizin’…”

Drop The Mike

this Tybee Island vacation home comes with a Tiki Hut, too!

Eureka.  This little jewel box comes with its own Tiki Hut.  If you’re the work-from-home type, it makes for a fabulous outdoor office.  Otherwise, encourage your little rascals to put on a show or crank up the karaoke machine and hit the stage.  Welcome to Fantasy Island!

I’m Glidin’ Here!

Always stop and enjoy a Mermaid crossing...

Just as with cattle crossings, school crossings and railroad crossing, stop and take note.  This is where Mermaids like to hang out, so sea salt the rims of those glasses and toast to the sea!

feel at home in cantys cottage circa 1957

All this makes for a great read, but nothing compares to you and your family and friends getting down and beachy.  Feel at home in Canty’s Cottage circa 1957.  Reserve it right on our website and then dial up your Mod Squad.  It times to get your retro on in this Tybee Island vacation home.


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