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The Midwest Mermaid: Do You Know The Musket Man?

The Midwest Mermaid is our winter guest blogger and Mermaid Cottages is so happy to share her latest blog post. She’ll be sharing a photo blog of her snowbird stay with us as she works remotely from Tybee Island. This week, she meets another Mermaid-At-Large from Boston and then steps back in time with a nature walk.  Do you know the Musket Man?

“The absence of old friends one can endure with equanimity. But even a momentary separation from anyone to whom one has just been introduced is almost unbearable.” – Oscar Wilde

Gibson’s is an amazing restaurant in Chicago, and I received a shipment from my sister this week! So excited to break out the grill and can’t wait to have a taste of Chicago. This weekend, a huge snowstorm hit Chicago. I don’t even kind of miss it. Although I don’t have to shovel due to living in a high rise, I still am so excited I don’t have to navigate through it all. What a blessing!

snow in chicago the midwest mermaid
There was a Wolf Moon this week. Not even sure what it is except it was breathtaking. It made me go out for two walks that day and hit 16,000 steps! Thank you Wolf Moon!

tybee island wolf moon the midwest mermaid

As luck would have it, I found out there is another girl who is renting from Mermaid Cottages who is doing exactly what I am doing, except, she is from Boston! It is fun to have a partner in crime now.

the midwest mermaid wolf moon sunset
My excursion this week was to visit Wormsloe. It is a historic state park founded in the 1700’s about 30 minutes from Tybee Island. If you come to the area, it is a great place to explore. There is a 3 mile Nature Walk that was so scenic and interesting. As we walked along the path, there were “characters” along the way imitating what life would have been like in the 1700’s.

Do you know the Musket Man?

the musket man the midwest mermaid

We met one gentleman who was a self-proclaimed farmer who never broke character. When I told him I was from Chicago, he acted confused saying he never heard of it before. Of course, that is because Chicago was founded in the 1830’s. This farmer was from the 1700’s. When the farmer met my friend from Boston, he was very familiar since Boston was founded in the 1600’s. LOL! He also showed us how to fire a musket. Not going to lie, as a city girl, I was ready to hit the deck. I assured the farmer we came in peace. HA!

the musket man the midwest mermaid

We also met some volunteers who were making a fence out of palms from a palm tree. This was to keep the animals out so that they could get ready to plant vegetables in their gardens. They said nails were hard to come by in the 1700’s so they had to get creative! What a fun morning!

the midwest mermaid ajs dockside
AJ’s, a restaurant known for their amazing sunsets on Tybee Island, is quickly becoming my favorite. After our walk, we went to relax and having dinner and drinks!

the midwest mermaid

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the midwest mermaid tybee island sunset

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