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the midwest mermaid and the tiki hut soiree

Aloha Friday With The Midwest Mermaid

Aloha Friday With The Midwest Mermaid! The Midwest Mermaid is our winter guest blogger and Mermaid Cottages is so happy to share her latest blog post. She’ll be sharing a photo blog of her snowbird stay with us as she works remotely from Tybee Island. This week, she takes a trail less traveled, celebrates the Super Bowl with a Tiki Hut soiree and revels when the stars come out to shine. Read along, enjoy her beautiful photos and her Tybee Island Adventures.

The Midwest Mermaid drinks well with others

Flowers for my hair, a pineapple mug for drinks and my mermaid blanket for style!

Great news! I came to Tybee to be sure I would remain active in the winter. I walked 130 miles in the month of January. I would say I am achieving my goal!

the midwest mermaid
My fellow Mermaid Cottage friend has a Tiki Hut in her back yard! What a treasure. We declared every Friday in the month of February to be Aloha Friday beginning at 5:01pm. Our first happy hour was a great success and a perfect way to unwind after a long week of work. Fortunately, I had flowers for my hair, a pineapple mug for drinks and my mermaid blanket for style!

the midwest mermaid
I heard great things about the Savannah – Ogeechee Canal walking trail. I drove the 45 minutes to get there right when it opened at 9am. When I arrived, the docent told me that the trail was closed due to a high tide and some minor flooding. She felt so bad for me but asked if I was up for a different type of adventure? Have we met? YES! She told me about a secret trail about 2 miles from where I was that would be an amazing alternative. She asked if I had a problem walking alone? I said, no problem.

Well, I didn’t realize that I was pretty much going into unchartered territory. This is a trail where they are going to open to the public soon but, they just haven’t cleared it all yet. That is why I would be solo on this nature walk. She said, go straight down the road, past the “no trespassing” signs, and just park to the side. I said, is there a parking lot? She said no, just pull over and you will be fine. As a city girl, this made me nervous because where I come from, a tow truck would be right behind you if you parked somewhere that wasn’t a designated spot. HA!

the midwest mermaid canal walk
She went on to say, you will see more “no trespassing” signs as you walk but, don’t worry about them. There is a guy that lives out there and thinks he owns all of the land, but he doesn’t. I am intrigued.

the midwest mermaid no trespass
Finally, she said I see a Bald Eagle on that trail pretty much every dang day. So, be on the look-out!
I arrive at this secret walk and was struck by all of the beauty. It really was an amazing trail, but my head was pretty much on a swivel. I was looking for the territorial guy, I was on high alert for the rustling I would hear in the bushes next to me, and was wondering if it was hunting season? I wouldn’t even put my ear buds in because I wanted to be sure all of my senses were available.

the midwest mermaid canal walk
I saw the house where the guy had the no trespassing sign. Normally, I would take that as a challenge but on this particular day, I decided to leave him be and go the other way. I was feeling too peaceful for a confrontation.

the midwest mermaid canal walk
When I look at my pictures from that day, they definitely have a “Blair Witch” feel to them. And, I mean that as a compliment. Where else will you see such natural beauty? It seemed like a movie set and I loved every second of it. I never did see the Bald Eagle.

I decided Bald Eagles are like men, you can’t find them when you are looking!

the midwest mermaid shamrocks
It was time for Super Bowl Sunday. I went back to my friend’s house because we didn’t want to be in a bar in case it wasn’t socially distanced. Here are some firsts for me:

the midwest mermaid grills steaks
o I grilled out on Super Bowl Sunday! That never happens in Chicago because it is always too cold. We had Gibson’s Steaks (Chicago) and they were amazing.

the midwest mermaid back river sunset
o Right before the game, we ran out to see the sunset. We wouldn’t even be thinking about sunsets in January in Chicago.

the midwest mermaid back river sunset
o I walked home to the most beautiful star gazing ever. In Chicago, you don’t see stars because of the city lights. I could pick out the big dipper, little dipper, North Star, I loved it. Aloha to the universe…

aloha fridays with the midwest mermaid


It was raining one morning so I decided to walk at night. I had no idea that people would be surfing! I was mesmerized by watching all of them catch some tasty waves after a long day. I stayed safely on the beach, but I enjoyed taking it all in.

Aloha Friday! How was your week?

aloha friday with the midwest mermaid

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