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Aloha To Our Midwest Mermaid

Aloha To Our Midwest Mermaid. The Midwest Mermaid has been our winter guest blogger and Mermaid Cottages is so sad to share her final blog post. She’s shared a photo blog of her snowbird stay with us as she worked remotely from Tybee Island. Aloha can mean hello or goodbye. In this case we’re hoping it means ’til we meet again. Read along, enjoy her beautiful photos and her Tybee Island Adventures.

One of the best ways to see the island is on a bicycle. There is a specific route that you can take which brings you through parks, former military areas and allows you to see all of the brightly colored houses.

the midwest mermaid bike trail

I love that people on the island don’t care how bright their house is, they just embrace the beach colors which makes it so unique and special.

the midwest mermaid beach colors
There are so many great birds on the island. I wake up to the birds chirping and see cardinals (my favorite bird) on the regular. I finally saw a bald eagle too along with its nest. Of course, because I wasn’t looking. Ha!
One day I was going out for my walk and I saw a Dad with his two kids looking at clovers in my yard (not sure if they are actual clovers, but they look like them!). One kid says I found a 4-leaf clover to his Dad. He was so excited! I said, if you found it in my yard, I need it for good luck. The Dad said, you should give it to her. I laughed and said, I am only kidding! Even a weed was bringing joy.

aloha to the midwest mermaid
I learned they are filming a movie on the island about World War II. One morning I stumbled upon the set. One of the security guards came over and asked if I could walk around or I would be in the “shot”. I said, I was hoping I would be in the “shot”. I need my big break! LOL. Of course, I walked around. There were also very old school planes flying overhead for the movie as well. I am excited to watch the movie some day!

aloha to the midwest mermaid
One of my final adventures on the island was chartering a boat with a captain to go to Little Tybee Island. Don’t let Little Tybee Island fool you, it is actually bigger than Tybee Island and only accessible by boat. We had so much fun cruising across the water and seeing beautiful homes and wildlife. This Mermaid is always drawn to water and fun.

aloha to the midwest mermaid

Well, sadly, I knew this day would come. My Mermaid days have come to an end. It has been an incredible two-month journey and I am grateful for every second of it. One of the many things that had been missing in my life during the pandemic were adventures, and, I packed so many into my time on Tybee. I am leaving feeling so fulfilled. Thank you, Mermaid Cottages for providing such a complete and different way of life for this city girl. I will always smile when I think of my time here, which says a lot during a pandemic! Until next time…

the midwest mermaid

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