Sea Turtle Week Day 2 :Squirty the Loggerhead Sea Turtle releashing

Here’s something I bet most people on Tybee- Locals and visitors -had no idea. I know when I found out, my mouth literally dropped open.

The Burton 4-H Center on Tybee Island has been raising an endangered loggerhead sea turtle for 1 1/2 years at the 4-H camp. Squirty has born on Jekyll Island and the Georgia DNR ( Department of Natural Resources) brought him to the camp to raise ( and help educate the thousands of school kids who come to the camp) until he was big enough to be released in the wild. The small picture is how big he was his first day in his specially built 1,000 gallon tank and the larger picture of him just a few months ago.

Well Squirty is ready to be released out to sea. The big event will happen Thursday August 7th @ 1:30PM near the Tybee Pier. Come out and help say good bye and good luck to Squirty and for more details go to and click on “our animals”.