Danny and Max hit South Beach

Ah, the life of a dog. A new place means one thing, great new smells! But we’ll get to that… We’ve arrived at our Miami South Beach vacation rental, a wonderful old art deco apartment building on Washington Ave, south of 5th or as it’s called SoBe , which is the newest area of South Beach to be saved and restored. Every street you walk down is another old art deco building being renovated and made into a restaurant, a club, condo’s or a shop. This is also a true neighborhood with locals who live here year round ranging from the old Jewish men and women who’ve been coming to Miami Beach for years , to the young Latino’s from all parts of South and Central America to the Europeans who winter here… Just a fascinating mixture of people. There is a dog park and a community garden- all right there next to a very hip and cool restaurant serving sushi! I love being in such a tropical urban setting.

The vacation rental I’ve selected covered most of my criteria for a rental- high speed Internet, pet friendly with no limit on size and best of all, in a great location. Not a mermaid cottage ( lush bedding, lots of extras, detailed info on the destination) but just fine. I realize not every place can be like ours and I am getting some good ideas…

We’ve already walked the entire neighborhood which includes Joe’s Stone Crab restaurant http://www.joestonecrab.com/ one of my all time favorite restaurants. Danny and Max have made friends with the Joe’s valet guys- one of which has a picture on his cell phone of his own black lab named Negro- when I raised my eyebrows, he said with his heavily accented voice “you know, black in Spanish“. The dogs have literally smelled every bush and tree possible, but one of the reasons why I take the dogs on vacation is because when you have a dog, they have to be walked. And when you walk, you get to know the neighborhoods , the ends and outs and all the people. I just love it!

My friend, Susan and I went to a party where you bring your “stuff” that doesn’t fit or isn’t something you need or want or just cleaning out your closet. About 15 ladies brought their goodies, we put these out on tables and people when thru the stuff , drank wine, enjoyed munchies and visited. Whatever wasn’t picked up by one of us will go to a woman’s shelter to help dress the women there. Great way to finish my first night.

Stay tuned for our daily South Beach Adventures!