Lincoln Road- You never know what you’re going to see…


Jeff and I have a tradition whenever I’m lucky enough to visit. On Sundays we go to one of the world’s best churches, Unity on the Bay If you’re ever in the Miami area , take time to visit this church on a Sunday- the energy and music will inspire you for an entire week- heck a year! After church we head over to Lincoln Road for a walk through of the Sunday Farmer’s Market and people watching. You never, ever, ever know what or who you’re going to see. Celebrities, locals, tourists and of course the holiday decor. Look carefully – these items are actually covered in Seashells…. A group of seniors had a field day with their hot glue gun and shells!!! Even spelling out Chabad.

We then had a new treat- I adore Cuban Food so we went to David’s which has been around for decades. On this street of hip and groovy places to eat is an old Cuban restaurant still as busy as it was when it first opened. I enjoyed a first- a Cuban Sandwich ( which I enjoy whenever I can ) but here they offer a choice of being serviced on regular Cuban bread or Cuban sweet bread! Of course I tried the sweet bread! And then we had a little coffee which is very Latin. Strong Cuban coffee with evaporated sweetened milk and sugar. Starbucks doesn’t‘ even compare! People line up everywhere for these caffeine goodies. Here’s the recipe if you’d like to try and make this yourself!