Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

My favorite building in my SoFi neighborhood

There is a building we walk by three times a day about 2 blocks from our little vacation rental. The building is called “Cyclone” and we never, ever see anyone coming in or out. Not at 7AM or midnight. Ever. We’ve seen two dogs one afternoon and we see lights on but never humans.
The building could only exist here ( or prehaps you’d see this in Disney World – but no where else in the real world would a home like this be built…) The building is my favorite colors of sun washed yellow, blues and greens surrounded by tropical trees and flowers. It’s supposed to look like a cyclone had dropped in the sea and then the cyclone swopped and took the sea with it. Look at all these sea creatures on the walls. They are ceramic or something very durable. And look at the iron door! It’s a huge octupus! I can peak in the windows at night and see this huge disco ball and massive long white curtains that are easily two stories tall. Have no idea what this place is… so anyone who might know the building, please let me know.

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