Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

The Mermaid Mobile makes her parade debut!

Best laid plans, I’d fully intended to roll out the Marching Mermaids of Tybee this year for the 4 of the 5 parades Tybee conducts. Mardi Gras in Feb, St. Pats in March, Pirate Fest in Oct and the Christmas Parade in December ( we will NOT march in Beach Bum- too much water!) However with my family needs, we weren’t able to announce our parade group, gather uniforms or practise for the two first parades. Judy Lou ( Mary Lou and Judy rolled into one dynamo!) had already picked out their Mardi Gras clothes and were all ready to go. Not wanting to disappoint , I told them to just drive the Mermaid Mobile in the parade and blow kisses to the masses. That’s what they did! Fallon, Nevan and one of their friends sat in the back seat waving to the crowds, the mobile was full of her usual goodies ( toilet paper and paper towels, large bottles of organic cleaner, oven liners- the normal things we use to clean but that was part of the charm.) Enjoy the pictures from the Feb event and don’t forget to mark your calendar- the Marching Mermaids will be in the Pirate Fest Parade Saturday October 10th ( my birthday!). All are welcome to march with us, stay tuned for details!


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