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People from my past are reappearing!

The articles from the various publications continue to give benefits of the un expected kind… between the Travel and Leisure Article and the AJC article people are continuing to discover us from all over the country and even world.

I spoke to a potential new visitor last night who told me he had been sitting in the doctor’s office and saw the article, tore it out of the magazine when no one was looking ( who hasn’t done that- I sure have!) showed his wife and called us. He can’t wait to visit. Pretty wonderful!

But here is the absolute best story. When the Travel and Leisure article first came out, I received several calls from on older man who really wanted to come and try out Tybee. He was not personally on the computer but he kept saying when he saw his daughter she would take care of the travel plans. After those first few calls I didn’t hear back but just figured they had made other plans. Then I received a call from his daughter and when she said her name, I paused and said- did you say Denise? When she said yes, I said, OMG Denise- this is Diane from the Columbus North Marriott!!! Denise and I had worked together as Directors of Marketing for the Columbus and Cleveland Marriotts and were really great friends. But as life often does, we both moved, had families to raise and while we stayed in touch, eventually lost touch. Denise’s dad was the older man who had been calling me and Denise was the daughter who would get on line to follow up! So after 10 years of no communication or contact, because of the Travel and Leisure Magazine we found each other! We always said once our kids were grown we’d have time to be great friends again!

And then yet another wonderful recent connection because of Facebook! One of my favorite meeting planner/ clients who then became a great friend recently found me on www.Facebook.com Kim and I caught up for almost 3 hours on Friday and have some very big ideas on new ways to do some co marketing together! She is very happy, a new bride and living on Prince Edward Island. She’s also a brand new blogger so visit her blog www.kimberlycameron.blogspot.com and see some of her recent marketing work www.thebeachesofpei.com

I’m so happy to have found both friends and look forward to who else may pop back into my life again because of my journey with Mermaid Cottages!

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