Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

The Crab Cab- only on Tybee Island

There have been moments of sheer joy on Tybee Island this summer. You’re walking down the street or driving down Butler Ave and all of a sudden you see it- something so unique and crazy fun that you literraly exclaim ( even if you’re by yourself) “It’s the Crab Cab”! The Crab Cab started out like a normal taxi service on Tybee. Then Joe the new owner took it over and even added to the number- there is now a “fleet” of Crab Cabs and they all live just down the street from me! The normal looking cabs have turned into something more. They are a mirage of kookiness in an already crazy kooky island town. The Crab Cabs have a very large crab trap attached to the top with plastic crabs inside and outside the trap. There are stickers of various Tybee businesses all over the back and side. There is even talk of Karoke coming soon from inside the cab. I just love this Crab Cab so much I need to keep sharing!

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