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Month: July 2009

I’m the Bubba Gump of Tomatoes

I love fresh tomatoes and this is tomato season. We can buy them at Davis Produce on the way to Tybee – they bill themselves as Home of the Killer Tomatoes ( not sure why that name..) or once on the island, you can buy them at Mama B’s Produce Stand which is staffed by the cutest young man imaginable. No matter where I buy them, they are fresh and full of sunshine and just delicious. Penny ( my college roommate and dear friend of 3 plus decades…yikes!) was here visiting for the 4th and we made tomato everything. Tomato Pie with blue cheese and vidilia onions, Gazpacho soup and fried green tomatoes! Nothing could be better. In fact my tomato pie is so good, I’ve actually been making another one as soon as I finish the current one. There is a tomato pie in my refrig as we speak waiting for dinner tomorrow! You can find recipes for all these summer treats on

Tybee Island Baptist Church

There is magic and wizards at work on Tybee this summer. A quiet little corner of the island- 13th and 6th Avenue ( right beside Fish Camp Cottage) has become the place to watch on a daily basis. The “Tybee Island Baptist Church” has been created from scratch. The church was built and then the true genius began. The church was painted and then partially burned to for part of the scenes to show the burnt church. Those scenes were shot last week and now the church has already been re built to shot some of the scenes that show the church being rebuilt.

The details on this church are extraordinary– I don’t know if you can see of not, but the church front has the location address as 13th and 6th Avenue to show the exact location. I can’t wait to see what happens next with the church transformation!

The movie adventure continues- last Friday on Tybeewood

Last Friday was quite the day. Even though I’m still so busy, I was able to leave the island despite wanting to hang around and watch Kelly Preston and Miley drive back and forth in front of my cottage, but toilet paper and paper towel shopping was calling me. Yes, as Head Mermaid, it is indeed part of my job description to head off to Sam’s and purchase those needed supplies. I did stop off at the local YMCA and swim for a bit- I’m loving just being in the water swimming laps back and forth. Purchased all those important cottage supplies and once back on the island, found police cars yet again . The first of the big church scenes was being shot! Yeah!!!! Susan K was at my house dropping some things off and and we jumped on two of my old beach bikes and rode to Fish Camp Cottage which is directly across the street from the church. The rains have stopped and the weather is just incredible. No humidity , a strong breeze, warmth and early evening lights- the weather gods are smiling down on the Disney people.

We had such fun! The streets were closed off but because of managing the cottage, the police let us thru and we were able to go right to Fish Camp. The cameras were all set up on 6th Avenue , the entire crew was there, Kelly and Miley kept driving up and down in front of the cottage shooting the same scene over and over again. It was like a circus! They finished their scenes and then the real excitement began! The first of several fire scenes. The church has been made up to look like it’s just been thru the fire, the fire guys were there to create the movie smoke and fire, even two of our local volunteer fire people were there- Todd and April! In full gear and part of the movie! Then….. Greg Kinnear!!! This was one of his scenes and full of drama. BTW- we heard the best story this week- Greg rides his bike to work every day down to the cottage where the scenes are being shot. Then when his day is finished, he’s at our local Tybee Y working out. Just like any other Tybee local. The scene was very exciting and I also had a chance to meet the head make up man his family stayed with us just before 4th of July! He is quite the talent and Greg looked like he had been thru a terrible fire. And the best part- this is just the first of several shoots right in front of Fish Camp! More Hollywood on Tybee to blogging to follow!

Can we get any busier???

I’m sorry to everyone for not blogging the past week , but we are right in the heart of season and I’m so busy my head is spinning! I’m trying to slow down a bit and be intentional each day in my thoughts and plans and goals for the day, but when the island is this full and all our guests are here and every single cottage is full each and every day, it’s just hard to live with intent sometimes! I’m so grateful for everyone who has found us and staying ( or trying to stay) in our cottages and homes . I also took 3 days to go to Atlanta to watch my all grown up nephew Ryan plan in the Junior Olympics for Volley Ball and spend time in the stands with my sister and brother in law watching Ryan’s team play. Not the best time for a road trip, but I wouldn’t have missed this for the world. And then on Friday, the reservation server we use in Seattle had a major fire and for almost 48 hours guests couldn’t make a reservation on line or access our info…. And it’s the 4th of July weekend!!!

I will catch everyone up on what’s happening on Tybee and with the cottages- lots and lots of great stuff. In the meantime, right now I’m looking out my front door and there is all the folks from the movie being shot here- The Last Song- and they’re shooting a scene- literally in front of my cottage! I can see Miley and Kelly Preston talking in the car. And Danny my dog won’t stop barking……. hmmmm– I guess it didn’t understand that quiet on the set means him too…..