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Month: July 2009

Top Ten Healthiest Beaches in the USA!

Tybee Island has been named one of the top 10 Healthiest Beaches in the Country by Health Magazine! This is based on how clean the beaches is, the water quality, the number of healthy activies available and even the places to eat that offer healthy food!


NBC’s The Today Show just ran a story on the beaches and annouced on Friday’s show that Tybee Island, GA is the Number 1 most healthy beach in the country!! Yeah!!! Here is the link to watch the clip from the show:
Here’s how they picked the locations in their own words:


“We started with a list of the 50 most popular beach and lake towns in the country (as defined by the total number of vacation days tourists spend there) from the American Automobile Association. To arrive at our top-10 list, our judges rated places in five categories: quality and cleanliness of air, water, and, sand; range of fitness opportunities; healthfulness of local restaurants; safety measures, including the presence of lifeguards, how close the town is to a major trauma center should an emergency come up, and the crime rate; and affordability of accommodations (based on the average rates in July, provided by Smith Travel Research).”
Here’s the entire article to read !


Thank you Health Magazine and The Today Show for helping spread the word about what a great place Tybee is to visit and live.

Lights out for Sea Turtles this summer

Don’t forget to all our visitors on the island- from 9PM until Dawn, please be sure to turn off any lights that shine on the beach or Back River areas. We also need to be sure that if any of your indoor lights shine thru the windows overlooking beach areas, you pull down your shades. Our nesting Sea Turtles need quiet dark beaches to nest and lay their eggs this summer and with the beaches being so full and crowded this summer, we need to give them all the help we can.

Artificial light discourages females from nesting and baby sea turtles who have just hatched ( hatchlings) will instinctively move toward the brightest light- which should be moon light and the ocean UNLESS the homes along the beach are lit up.



So… from May 1st till October 31st – our nesting season- help out these amazing creatures.



These are two light switch plates we carry at Sea Side Sisters – hand crafted by one of our favorite local artists- Pam Martin. Pam makes all types including shrimp, crabs, mermaids and even black labs. These two are all we have in the shop right now, but we can always order more if anyone is interested!

Our new favorite person- the production designer for "The Last Song"

A person has come into our lives on Tybee that we never knew we needed. But he’s here and he’s making a huge difference on our island. The production designer for “our” movie ” The Last Song”. These are pictures of Nelson in front of the burned out church as well as downtown Tybee and the pier. Here’s a great article which tells of Nelson’s talents and the work he’s done here.

“On Tybee Island near Savannah, Ga., former Abilenian Nelson Coates is causing quite a scene.”
He spruced up a public pier, set up a carnival on the beach and constructed a wood-framed church painted white. What catches the attention of Savannah locals, however, is a teenager associated with the work: Miley Cyrus of “Hannah Montana” fame.
Coates is production designer for “The Last Song,” a film written by Nicholas Sparks (“The Notebook”) where Cyrus plays an angry and alienated teen. The movie also stars Kelly Preston (“Sky High”) and Greg Kinnear (“Little Miss Sunshine”) as Cyrus’ divorced parents and up-and-coming Australian Liam Hemsworth as a love interest. Sparks’ book is due in September.
For 11 weeks prior to the start of filming in mid-June, Coates did prep work in Savannah. Shooting on the Walt Disney Pictures project is to wrap up in August for an early 2010 release.
“The Last Song” is the latest in a long list of Coates’ major films and TV shows. Other recent projects include the movies “The Proposal” and “The Express” and several episodes of the 2007 TV show “October Road.”
“I have kept myself from being type-cast. I’ve been fortunate to do period movies, dramas, actions, comedies, futuristics,” Coates said.
A production designer makes a script come alive visually. Location, scenery, room décor, clothing, hair and makeup, stunts, color pallet and any other visualizations of a story are the responsibility of the production designer.
Coates reports directly to a movie’s producer and director and oversees a crew of about 125 on an average production. 

“I’m known for a high level of detail and at a high level of completion. My sets don’t feel like a set,” Coates said.
Coates usually tackles two films a year, or less if he is hired for a television show. He has worked across the country and in Canada, Bulgaria, Australia, Mexico and England.
“I always tell people my things live in LA (Los Angeles),” Coates said.

Another pivotal project was the 1994 television mini-series “The Stand” by Stephen King. The nine-month project included 220 sets in 110 shooting days in five states representing 25 states in the series. Coates’ work garnered him an Emmy nomination.
“The blessing of my career path is that I had small, complex problems and did well on then. Then you get bigger and bigger and bigger ones,” Coates said.
Movies are not the result of magic, but “possibility thinking,” he said.
For example, the current box office hit “The Proposal,” starring Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, Mary Steenburgen, Craig T. Nelson and Betty White, is set in New York City and Alaska, but filming occurred in and around Boston. Coates constructed a set inside a coastal house, giving it an “Architectural Alaska” magazine look, “if there was such a publication,” Coates said.
He then returned the house to its former interior after filming.
Six months after shooting wrapped, Coates said a new ending had to be filmed, but the Boston office building was unavailable. He instead meticulously recreated the set on a California soundstage.
“Either I had to figure it out or the next guy will,” Coates said.
He describes himself as a junior high principal and cheerleader encouraging others to do their best.”

Nelson we are so glad you are here on Tybee working your magic!

Rhonda and Penny come to town

Two of my best friends from college came to town to visit back in May. I reconnected with Rhonda from our Pom Pom reunion last fall at Maryland and she wanted to come visit Tybee for our 1st annual wine festival! Penny only lives a few hours away so she drove down and joined us. We had a great long weekend- The Wine Festival, out with Captain Elizabeth and Tybee Island Charters exploring the waters around Tybee and eating some great meals! Check out the details on Capt. Elizabeth on her website and learn more about the restoration of the Tybee Post Theatre ( the wine festival was a fund raiser for the theatre) on Rhonda who lives in Washington DC couldn’t believe all the very fun things there is to do on sucha small island!