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Monday Night Mermaid Musing..

Monday night and almost ready for bed- but some thoughts….. I loved Patrick Swayze in North and South- the TV mini series. I think it was one of the reasons I wanted to badly to move to the South. To have someone like him who would ride up on that horse and rescue me after those darn Northern Aggressors destroyed everything in the Southland– ah- that was the dream…. Everything else he did after that was just a bonus- he had me at North and South forever… Rest in peace Patrick…

We’re taste testing the 3 coffees to decide which one will be Mermaid Morning Bliss- Sandi Postle– if you’re reading this- we need to have you as part of the taste testing since it’s your name! Savannah Coffee Roasters is the local coffee company we’re working with for the coffee- it all smells good and since I don’t drink coffee – I’m sure my taste test panel will select the right one!

We made it to the next round of the Shine A Light project! Now the judges- who include Diane Von Furstenberg and Ellen DeGeneres will be selecting the final three companies. After they’ve selected the final three, then we’ll all be able to vote. And as they say at the Academy Awards- it’s truly just an honor to be nominated!!!! http://shinealight.ivillage.com/

Kayaking tomorrow morning on our beautiful Back River with the dolphins… can’t wait!

And lastly- our girl Miley has started her new tour- but the music video she made while here on Tybee is on YouTube.. I’ll find it soon and add to the blog for all to enjoy…

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