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Happy New Year- 6 days late

Happy, Happy New Year.

Yes, I realize today’s date is the 6th of January, but sometimes living life gets in the way of blogging about the escapades and adventures that happen in daily life. After a truly special Christmas and New Year’s in Delaware ( complete with seeing 5 movies!!!! ) Katie & I drove back from Bethany Beach on January 1st- all the way home to her mountain school in Brevard , NC. Cold, freezing, icy, snowy- and her home has little to no heat. So Katie, Danny and I all huddled in bed together. Max was the only smart one choosing to sleep on the very comfy over stuffed chair.

The next morning , her special friend Case came down from his mountain top home and Katie made breakfast. Blueberry pancakes with true maple syrup, farm fresh eggs and local goat cheese. Delicious!!!!!! I drove home and could NOT believe how crowded I95 was both ways. All those folks heading south to Florida and all those people heading home from Florida made for a traffic jam on the interstate. I made it home and yet again realized how much I love and adore my coastal barrier island. Driving from Savannah out the old Tybee road ( formerly a railroad) and looking over the vast expanse of marsh and water, I can’t help but think of how lucky I am to live in such a physically beautiful place. The weather is cold but that really is ok because it just doesn’t last long. Never does. As cold as it is now, it will be warmer again very soon. I’m back home, opened lots of wonderful cards, holiday newsletters and pictures. Here were snippets from two of my favorites.

From my friends Kitty & Larry in Palm Desert, CA

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.”

This is from Leonard Miller aka The Sandman. The man who creates all those magical sandcastles on the beaches each summer as well as paints many of our cottage signs. This was a hand made Christmas card I found on my door stop when I came home.

“To you Diane Kaufman

Keep on showing the new comers your skill in what a house a home can be.

Show them a spontaneously unexpected intrusion of nature just by looking out a window or a door.

Show them a special charm, only a Tybee home can provide.

Show them that it’s Family Friendly, And most of all , it’s a Keep sake.

Leonard Miller, the Sandman”

I will keep this card forever.

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