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The January Road Trip has begun

The trip has started. I’m officially on the Road. My adventures began yesterday with a ride to the ATL Hartsfield Airport ( the world’s busiest airport www.atlanta-airport.com ) with Susan and Jimmy of Seaside Sisters and SeaSide Sweets. 3.5 hours of talking about new exciting ideas and plans for the 2010 season ( BBBQ coming this spring to Sea Side Sweets, “Junking Weekend” coming to SeaSide Sisters this spring with hopefully not only Mary Kay Andrews www.marykayandrews.com but also her partner in junking crime, the famous Eddie Ross www.eddieross.com just to name two of the ideas and wonderful Tybee experiences waiting for everyone this spring…..)

I have not been on a plane since Fall 2008. I literally had to go on line to www.delta.com to figure out about bags, check in time etc. Did you know you now have to pay to check a bag? Even your first bag? Me, the road traveler for years truly felt like a novice. I don’t know how many of you have seen the George Clooney movie, Up in the Air www.theupintheairmovie.com but those people were me. You had it down pat as to how to travel. To go from that to how in experienced I felt yesterday was amazing. However….. it was a GREAT experience. The airport really has this down pat. Down to having little zip lop bags available to place your 3 oz liquid bottles in to go thru the TSA security check. The TSA agents were extremely on top of everything, very professional and courteous and took their jobs seriously.

My plane was full, but as part of my travel superstitions, I asked to meet both pilots in person in the cockpit and both were delighted to speak with me. The captain was an older woman- been flying for 30 years and the 1st Officer was in his late 30’s. Not quite Sully, but still evoked great confidence. I did find one thing very interesting, the female captain did not speak to the travelers with any annoucements… I’m not sure why, but she welcomed and said good bye, but did not speak during the flight. Fine with me, she was focused on flying that plane!

And….. EACH SEAT HAD it’s OWN TV!!! Yes, TV! Live! Bravo with the Real Housewives of Orange County, CNN with the President’s address to the nation live. EVEN BRIAN WILLIAMS and the NBC Nightly NEWS!!!! You could even use your American Express card and buy almost first run movies, all right at your seat!! OMGosh! The time flew buy, easy landing, bag showed up and life was good.

I headed over to one of my favorite friend’s Cindy’s new home in LA and settled into a relaxing quiet evening. I’ll share that later. It’s going to be a great trip!

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