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Katsuya truly is the sushi bar to the stars!!

Yes, I knew it! Katsuya truly is the place to have sushi!!! Even though my personal evening of fabulous sushi was celebrity free , our favorite teenager and her boyfriend- Liam ( who yes- she met while filming The Last Song on Tybee! )- Miley was there last night!!!

But our gal, being the very confident person that she is- did not dress up like all those others I saw the night I was there. Jeans and a black jacket were plenty for her.

The Disney Media Machine is really starting to heat up as well about the movie. Miley was on the cover of Seventeen Magazine in December ( the month she turned 17) and she talked about how in about 10 years she can see herself leaving the biz and moving to Tybee Island. Love it!

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