Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

Parisian Macaroons…."Everything your mother warned you about"

This will be a couple of blog entries because the restaurants I’ve eaten in just three days will require more then just one blog… plus the joy of being a tourist, even in as hip a place is LA is that I can take pictures right and left and everyone here- who all think they are stars in waiting anyway- are happy to pose in a picture! So no worry about embarrassing anyone I’m with because this whole community is camera happy!

We ate lunch in this delightful little sandwich/ Parisenne macaroon/ croissant bakery place in Brentwood. Open air ( no bugs or humidity to worry about!). Curry Chicken Salad with a croissant that was of course made with pure butter. I don’t remember when I last ate a croissant and I forgot how good they are. The little restaurant was very vintage shabby chic, very much how our cottages are decorated, but the prices!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe it! He goes to junking stores and flea markets but because he’s in LA, he can ask for the prices and gets them! However, the grand finale was…… Parisenne style macaroons. Meringue cookies light as air which were the sandwich top and bottom and in the middle was this creamy gooey coconut macaroon. The colors were like candy- all pastels, but I know I can find a recipe and try and make them myself. The owner of the restaurant was so charming- and don’t you love his t shirt! What a way to kick off my meals in LA!!!

Visit their website when you get a chance , you’ll thank me for this! www.laprovencecafe.com

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