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Mermaid Tales: Southern Cross Cottage

     It’s official…football season is here and we are in Georgia, home of the Bulldogs! What in the world does that matter, you ask? Well, one of our cottages shares a special connection to the University of Georgia mascot!

      Joe and Sherry, the owners of Southern Cross Cottage, have shared more than just their beautiful cottage with guests. They love when things have a story to them, as I do, and they let me in on some of the stories attached to this special place!

Southern Cross Cottage

     You see, Sherry’s great grandfather, Charles Black, Sr., attended the University of Georgia from 1894 to 1898. Charlie, as he was called, played football for the college and often brought his bulldog, Trilby, with him to practices. Eventually, Trilby began to attend the football games, where the cheerleaders decked him out with red and black ribbons around his neck. The University of Georgia then had their mascot, and became the Bulldogs!

      Sonny Sieler, the current owner of the beloved mascot Uga, even tells this story in his book “Damn Good Dawgs”…and what a great story!

Come on in and relax!

     That’s just one of the many wonderful tales Southern Cross Cottage has to share, so why not plan a visit? Explore a little Georgia history while you enjoy a piece of Georgia paradise!

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