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Tybee Sea Turtle Update!

     Sea turtle season is winding down here, but it sure isn’t over! Nest #6 hatched last week, of course, and this nest #7 began hatching this past Tuesday night. this is a beautiful nest sitting shot from the Tybee Sea Turtle Project on Facebook!

Nest #7 near 9th Street here on Tybee

     Nest #7 was excavated Tuesday evening and there were 81 eggs total. A few didn’t hatch, and unfortunately, 17 of the hatchlings didn’t survive. The hatchlings that did leave the nest were a little disoriented but made it to the ocean with a little help!

Amy Capello and Tammy Smith excavate Nest #7

     Over all, the Georgia coast has had a record year for sea turtle nests! According to SavannahNow.com, there have been 1,737 nests laid between Savannah and St. Marys this year! And the season isn’t over quite yet. Here on Tybee, nest #8 will reach the 50 day mark this Friday. It is being closely watched for any sighs of hatching! Hopefully, we will have more updates for you soon! Make sure you visit the Tybee Island Marine Science Center website for more information on sea turtles!
     Proceeds from the sales of our Mermaid Morning Bliss Coffee go to help sea turtles projects too! Our coffee is available in every cottage for your enjoyment during your stay. You can also get your very own bag to take home at Seaside Sisters here on Tybee! So why not get a bag and remember that you are helping the turtles with every blissful cup!

Thanks to Laya & Kevin  from The Lettered Cottage blog for the wonderful photos of our coffee!

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