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My weekend to rejunivate

It’s been a long year.  I love and adore my business ( though that really isn’t the word for it, it’s much more my passion and reason I’m here in this world) but the spring and summer of having so many visitors and guests has taken it’s toll.  I’m tired- actually a capital T.

Travel and time away always makes me perk up- even though I truly love my cottage- which is a nest for me- and really am passionate about Tybee- when it’s still in the 80’s and 90’s in September- I’m ready for the cooler weather.  ( note to our visitors- September is the best time to be on Tybee for that same reason- it’s still hot and beach weather plus its so much quieter!!!)

My great friend Karyn from Miami Beach- she was my fellow traveler to DC for the inauguration two years ago- has been dying to see Asheville, so we planned a long weekend where she could come and see this part of the world and I could see her and still visit with daughter Katie.

Everything worked out as planned- including this amazing fall weather.  I”m sitting here with Katie in her cabin where she lives- no tv so we both have our laptops going and listening to the sounds of the fall outside- yes- because our windows are open,a great weekend of junkin’, shopping, eating great meals, visiting the Western NC State Fair ( and eating friend sweet potato pie- we’re still in the south you know) was just what I needed.   I”m exciting to get back to Tybee, work on some new projects ( including our first vacation rental in downtown Historic Savannah) and embrace the fall!

Stay tuned for some new updates- all of you coming to pirate fest in October- be sure you have your costume ready so you can join us in the parade-  our Tybee fall is almost here!

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