Pass The …er…Duh Bee, Please

Who wants to guess where the word TYBEE comes from?  Tybee is a Euchee Indian word (duh bee) meaning salt- because of our salt marshes!  The Indians used the salt to cure meat and fish.  They also used to use the waterways between the 33 barrier islands as streets, running their canoes through them, stopping and island hopping.

When one island was “used up” they’d travel onto another, so Tybee was inhabited by Indians for many years.  Some of Tybee was a maritime forest filled with animals and exotic birds.  The soil was fertile and grew indigo, vegetables and rice.  Fish were plentiful and included crabs, shrimp, sea bass, and pompano. 

So, the next time you feel you could use some spice in your life…pass the…er…Duh Bee…and hop around our island.  Our Tybee. Our salt marsh.
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