Cottage Life Cottage Style

Most Tybee Cottages are made from Heart of Pine, a dense wood that termites do not like, so they make for good buildings.  With shallow-hipped roofs, the buildings are up off the ground to encourage air  flow beneath and protect against floods.  They always have these fantastic porches, some of which go all around the house.

Some of the cottages rise above the ground as if they’re touching the sky.  Others are more humble and quiet and tell you that while heaven is pretty…living down here is, too.

Those wondrous porches that fan out around the cottages are made for sitting and reading and watching the world go by.  They’re for spending time with old friends and taking naps.  But most of all they’re for those times when you want to dream about anything your heart desires.

Yes, for every moment one stands on Tybee ground there will be glory all the way to the sea.