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January 13, 2011

Mermaids in Our Midst: Lydia at Dutton-Waller

     We at Mermaid Cottages just love to hear from you, our cherished guests. We recently received this amazingly sweet email from Lydia about her stay at Dutton-Waller Cottage with family for the holidays:

Dear Mermaids,  

I can’t thank you enough for our lovely stay on Tybee! After our mother died in June my sister Linda and I decided that we had to find a new place for our Christmas celebration that would bring us together in a place like we grew up. After spending 62 years of Christmases together, this was our first without her. Having grown up on an island in SW FL, Tybee sounded perfect! And it was! The cottage was magical, just like the homes we knew, right down to the wood paneling and the downstairs bedrooms! As a preservationist for Lee County, FL I am especially impressed with the work you have done on the cottages! We can’t thank you enough, the Christmas tree was the most wonderful touch and the whole time was magical. (though a bit chilly all across the south!). We fell in love with AJ’s, the little restaurant down the street. After growing up on fresh shrimp from the boats at home we were delighted to find a place that knows how to boil shrimp! Any my husband fell in love with their shrimp and grits. Again, thanks for making our holiday so wonderful. We shall return!

Lydia (and Linda, Mel and Sarah, Steve, and Bosco and Winston!)

     Lydia, we are so glad you and your family were able to make new Christmas traditions while honoring your past ones. It is always our hope that our cottages become our guest’s home away from home. Thank you so much for sharing your experience, and allowing us to share it with all of our fellow Mermaids as well. Welcome to the Mermaid Cottage family!

Tybee Bark Parks-It’s a Dog’s World

When you visit Tybee Island, GA you’ll find a city that cares about the welfare of dogs and their owners.  Dogs are not allowed on the beach at any time, but their are two Bark Parks on Tybee Island.

Make sure you make arrangements for the proper care of your dog before you head to the beach.  Cars get deadly hot after only a few minutes.  Dogs found left alone in locked cars will be rescued, even if it means breaking the window glass.

The Tybee Bark Parks are located at the intersection of Van Horne and Fort Streets, between the Police station and the River’s End Campground and RV Park.  The Bark Parks are open from dawn til dusk each day.

For a complete list of Bark Park Rules and a map of the parks’ location visit

Your visit to Tybee Island will be safe, relaxing and magical.  Make sure your pet’s visit it, too!