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January 11, 2011

Mermaid Sighting: Martha’s Mermaid

It’s that time again! Today’s mermaid sighting was sent to us from one of our favorite regular guests, Martha. She spotted this beautiful mermaid while in Wakulla, Florida! I just love that she is a whimsical cross-stitch…and the charms in her hair, and her nautilus perch! Ok, I love it all!
Thank you for sharing your sighting with us Martha, she’s fabulous! 
Have you seen a mermaid? They are everywhere you know…keep your eyes open and camera ready! If you snap a shot of a mermaid (or merman!), please share it with us. We’d love to post your sighting here for everyone to admire! Send you sightings to diane@mermaidcottages.com today!

Sandy Shells For Your Pet Pals

Our mermaid, Melissa S., spied this fantastic new pet bed from Nautical Luxuries on Completely Coastal!

A hidden zipper makes washing this durable canvas collection of seashells a snap and the inner filler can be washed, as well!
It’s shown here in slate blue on natural, but it also comes in white on sand.
And remember, your local animal shelters and rescue groups can always use your old pet beds, towels, sheets, newspapers, toys and your donations of puppy, kitten, cat and dog foods.
Shouldn’t your pet match your coastal decor?