Inspirational Mermaids!

There’s nothing better than a little positive energy to inspire you, and when you add a mermaid to the mix…well, you’re pretty darn close to perfection in our book! Just look at this week’s sightings!

"Go With The Flow - Life is a journey that is meant to be enjoyed and fun-filled. If it gets you down, Let go, and Go with the Flow! Trust that God and the Universe will take you to where your are meant to be ♥" CH © 2011
Artist Cynthia Headly!

These amazing dolls are the artwork of Cynthia Headley and they definitely have us inspired! Cynthia is from Callao, Virginia and these beauties are from her Inspirational Mermaids Art Doll collection. She has two lines- “Go With the Flow” and “Girls Just Want to Have Fun!” These splendid dolls are meant to …