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June 2011

Mermaids In Our Midst: Lisa Watson & Plan It Green

Mermaid Cottages aren’t just about cozy, inviting interiors you know. We love our out door living areas just as much! It is very important to us that our cottages are as green as possible, and that includes our landscaping. Planting for our region’s conditions is super important, and our go-to garden expert helps us do it all!

Lisa Watson is the founder of Plan It Green Design, and she is the wonderful person we go to for all things green! Lisa is our garden design consultant. She helps us with our planting and horticulture care and her goal is simple…use renewable, local, and eco-conscious resources while designing outdoor living spaces and gardens.

Our Headquarters, Mermaid Manor! Photo thanks to Lisa Watson

Lisa is a gardening guru! She has helped Mermaid Cottages create beautiful outdoor living spaces at our headquarters, Mermaid Manor, as well as our Tucked Inn at Tybee, Dutton Waller cottages. She was also a huge help with our soon-to-be-available cottage on East Harris Street in Savannah. We love her philosophy of re-using, recycling, re-seeding, and rethinking design to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Lisa definitely helps us make more sustainable choices for a better future, and we are so proud to count her as a member of the Mermaid Cottages family!


If you need help making you home and garden greener, or just want to learn more about our lovely Lisa, check out her Plan It Green Designs website, give her a call at 843.290.9017, or check her out on the offical Plan It Green Facebook Page!

Thank you for all you do Lisa, for Mermaid Cottages and for our planet!

Tybee Island Independence Day Celebration!


It is hard to believe June is coming to a close. Tybee Island is full of summer-loving beach bums and there are loads of ways to come join them and enjoy a little Tybee time!

Just four days from now, the entire island will be celebrating Independence Day! I know…who can believe its July already?! Well Sunday,  July 3rd, is the big day for Tybee’s party. The island’s annual fireworks display starts about 30 minutes after dark (between 9 and 9:30 p.m.). It is always a popular event, and parking can be harder and harder to come by, so what better reason is there to come early and make a day of it on the beach?

The fireworks will be located at the Pier and Pavilion, but the show is visible from anywhere on the east and south beach areas ad usually lasts about  half an hour. Bring your beach blankets and lounge chairs! Join in the fun and come celebrate our great nation’s birthday and our freedom with us…Tybee Style!


Real Tybee Island Mermaids!

Get ready to be super duper excited! Real, live mermaids! Ok…so they aren’t the lithe, blonde maidens that so often come to mind. They are a bit more plump and not quite as quick, but they are majestic and beautiful nonetheless!

Manatees have been mistaken for mermaids since, well, anyone can remember. Christopher Columbus described the three “mermaids” he sighted during his travels as “not nearly as beautiful as they are painted.” Sure, manatees aren’t what most would call glamourous, but these amazing creatures are just as beautiful as any mermaid to us!

Everyone at Mermaid Cottages was over joyed to see this video from our friend Henry! Manatees… in Tybee waters!

Thank you SO much for sharing this with us Henry! They sure are amazing, and how exciting to know they visit our little corner of paradise!

If you want to learn more about the manatee-mermaid connection, check out this cool article. And don’t forget, mermaids are everywhere! They come in all shapes and sizes, each just as beautiful as the next! If you see one, please let us know! Send your mermaid sightings to diane@mermaidcottages.com and let us share them with the world. We hope to hear from you soon!

Visit The Tybee Marine Science Center Today!

There are so  many wonderful activities to enjoy during a stay on Tybee Island! Of course, the beach combing, shopping, and fabulous restaurants all quickly come to mind, but there’s a jewel of a place right down town hidden in plain sight, too!

The Tybee Island Marine Science Center

The Tybee Island Marine Science Center is located right on Strand Avenue across from the Pier and Pavilion and it is the place to be if you love Tybee and want to learn more about this fabulous island. The Center is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., so make sure to stop by! Their Discovery Shop is full of wonderful gifts and Tybee items, and each purchase helps to fund educational programs at the center as well as with the cost of caring for the animals in their Coastal Georgia Gallery. What better reason could there be to pick up a souvenir, right?

Marsh Treks, photo from the Tybee Island Marine Science Center website

When you tour the science center, you’ll learn all about Tybee Island’s unique environment and ecology. Make sure to bring a camera because there are creatures galore to watch and enjoy…they even have a touch tank!

They sure don’t stop there, either. Want to experience Tybee Island ecology first hand? The Tybee Island Marine Science Center offers Beach Walks, Marsh Treks, Sea Turtle Talks, and even a Dolphin Discovery program! Some of their programs do require reservations, so check out their website or give them a call at 912.786.5917 (toll free at 866.557.9172) if you need more information.

photos thanks to the Tybee Island Marine Science Center website

Whether you are here on Tybee for the day or an entire week, you won’t want to miss visiting the Tybee Island Marine Science Center! They are located at 1510 Strand Avenue on Tybee, right off the 14th Street parking lot next to the pier. Visit today and learn something new about our beloved Tybee Island!

Pets And The City…

BARKING NEWS!  We have a new column that debuts today.

One of our frequent pet guests is the wonderful Madeline Belle Reed (“Maddie” to her fur pals on Tybee).


Since her first visit to Tybee, Maddie fell in love with our wonderful Tybee Tides Cottage. Graciously, Maddie allows us to welcome other guests to this marvelous marsh manor in between the times she brings her humans to visit.

Last week, Maddie shared some of her most recent Tybee adventures with our readers and she was such a hit we’ve offered her the position of ROVER reporter.  The final terms of her contract are confidential, but let’s just say a girl can always use a few extra Beach Bum Biscuits.  So, here for your enjoyment is Maddies’ new blog!

Pets And The City…Confessions Of A Tybee Pawty Girl!

By Madeline Belle Reed, ROVER Reporter

While munching a Beach Bum Biscuit and day dreaming about Tybee Island, I realized some of you may need more detailed information before feeling comfortable.  Even though Miss Diane and the wonderful Mermaid Cottages staff can help your humans with ANYthing, they really can’t give the proper pet perspective.  I have decided it is up to me to share what I’ve learned on my six visits.

Today I’m going to talk about something you can never have too many of….Beach Bum Biscuits!  Wait, sorry, I meant to say friends.  As I mentioned in my last blog it is very easy to make friends on Tybee.  I like to meet both guests to the island as well as locals.  When meeting a new friend always ask where they are from.  Telling others you have friends from all-over makes you sound very worldly around the water bowl at your local doggie park.  I personally have met friends from such exotic locals as England, Canada, and Ellijay, GA!

My favorite friends are the locals because I get to see them each time I visit.  Last trip I got to meet Miss Diane’s dogs, Sophie and Danny.  Sophie was very friendly and I think could have been fun to play with if we just didn’t have to keep our humans on a leash.  Danny was very nice, but he is a bit of a celebrity and has an image to maintain. 

Sophie (L) and Danny (R)

Dudley is one of my favorite friends.  He has very long ears and short legs.  My mommy says he is a basset hound.  Dudley is a world-class sniffer.  If you have any questions about sniffing on Tybee he’s the one to ask.

Another friend is Remy.  He is a doberman but don’t worry, he’s very nice.  Remy’s parents own a store named Latitude 32 that my mommy and daddy like.  I like it too because they always say it’s okay for me to come inside!

Finally there’s Olivia.  My mommy says she’s a Great Dane.  I think that is some breed of horse.  She is VERY big but really sweet.  Her mommy recently purchased the old Hunter House and is renovating it.  If your human is like my mommy and loves to talk renovation be prepared to find a nice shady spot for awhile and insist you need a Beach Bum Biscuit while you wait.

I hope this has been helpful to you and who knows maybe some day we’ll meet on Tybee!  Until next time, keep your tail up and your nose to the ground!

Madeline Belle Reed
ROVER Reporter