Dog Day Afternoon

By Maddie, Mermaid Cottages’ ROVER Reporter

If you spend enough time on Tybee Island, GA sooner or later your humans are likely to flip through some little book and announce they want to go in to Savannah, GA.

If you’ve traveled with them much soon you may start to panic assuming this means you are about to get left behind.  I am here to tell you this is not necessary as Savannah can be quite pet friendly.  Naturally, you will want to take along a pet water bottle because sight seeing can get very hot.  Also be sure your human never, ever, leaves you in the car…even with the windows cracked!

There is a lot to see and do in Savannah, so here are a few of my favorite recommendations.  One of the first things you may notice is how many lovely doggie “rest areas” there are.  For some reason they refer to them as squares.  Many of them even have statues or fountains.  Honestly, I’ve never seen any nicer!  There are so many and close together that even if you’re a male dog you’ll have trouble taking advantage of them all.  Please be sure your human takes along pick up bags so you do your part to keep them clean for the next dog.

Next, while using the “squares” you may see a horse go by pulling a carriage.  DON’T bark at them!  This will get your human very upset and could cause them to say something horrible like, “Next time you’re staying behind”, or worse, “No Beach Bum Biscuits for you!”

Now, a lot of humans like to walk along River Street.  There are a lot of little shops there and many of them will let you come in.  Just be sure to  have your human ask first and always keep your human on a short leash.  At the end of River Street is a great statue of a dog.  It is a perfect place to have your picture taken to show all of your friends back home.  The statue also has a girl waving a scarf standing next to the dog, but don’t worry, you can always crop that out later.

On your way back to Tybee Island you can stop by Bonaventure Cemetery.  This is a nice and quiet place with lots of trees and paths for walking.  You are allowed in here, too, but again, keep your human leashed.  As you’re walking around your keen dog senses are likely to detect a bone or two buried there.  Listen closely.  This is even more important than the horses.  DO NOT dig them up!  I know.  I don’t get it either, but humans can be funny.

By now, everyone is probably ready to head back to your beautiful Mermaid Cottage on Tybee.  I like to take a quick nap on the trip back and dream about the jar of Beach Bum Biscuits awaiting me since I was sooo good.

Til next time keep those tails up and noses open to new smells!

Madeline Belle Reed “Maddie”

FINAL THOUGHT: If you have a lot of time and your human really likes seeing new places Beaufort, SC is not very far away and is very pet friendly.  They will even let you ride in the horse carriages now that you know not to bark.  I must warn you though…they do not have the nice “rest areas” like Savannah!