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Clover’s Tybee Island Send-off!

Hundreds of people showed up on Tybee Island last week to send a hometown girl off in style! Thursday, Clover the sea turtle was released into the waves on Tybee’s South Beach after spending her first three years of life with the marine experts at the Burton 4H Center. See, Clover was a straggler hatching, unable to leave the nest after hatching back in August of 2008. Today, Clover is a healthy, happy sea turtle that is back where she belongs, cruising the Waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

Cruise with Clover

The Cruise with Clover campaign successfully raised the $5,000 to purchase a satellite transmitter. Clover was outfitted with her transmitter last week and then she was ready to hit the waves! The cool thing about the transmitter? It isn’t just for scientists! That’s right, you can follow Clover’s journey right from your own home. She may be left the beach, but fans can follow her progress at Seaturtle.org! Just click the Georgia Sea Turtle Center link and look for Clover!

Thanks to all the supporters who made it out to give Clover a true Tybee Island send-off! We wish Clover all the luck int he world and hope to see her return to Tybee Island for a visit or two in the future!

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