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Rosie’s Review

One of the most popular pet friendly Mermaid Cottages in our candyland of vintage and historic homes is Memories At The Beach.

Recently, we heard from a very special guest that visited us and she sent us her photo to share with everyone.

Rosie is a  four year old labradoodle from Newnan, GA and she and her humans spent a few days at MemoriesThis one story cottage received a GREEN makeover courtesy of its wonderful owners.  The renovation was based on “reduce, reuse and recycle” concepts.

All of the rooms have ceiling fans to circulate the air inside and all the light bulbs are compact fluorescent lightbulbs.

Memories At The Beach features all “Energy Star” appliances including the high efficiency washing machine, dryer, refrigerator and custom bamboo blinds have been installed throughout the house.

The energy efficient water heater delivers hot water on demand, but the real show stopper is the fabulous outdoor shower that is solar heated!  Talk about Socially Responsible Vacations with an exotic twist!

One thing that did not change during the update was the original Mamie Eisenhower Pink bathroom which was the color of choice for many homes built in the 1950s.

The cottage’s facade is beautifully framed within a canopy of grapefruit, orange, fig and key lime trees.  It faces East on a beautiful quiet street which makes it a perfect location for watching the island birds that live here.

Rosie loved the cottage and all its thoughtful touches, but being a real nature gal she particularly enjoyed her fresh supply of all natural Beach Bum Biscuits and she really appreciated the complimentary guest pet tag that let everyone know she was an honorary Mermaid during her stay!

The Tennessee couple that owns this magnificent island getaway has filled it with love and inspiration and they hope that you’ll be sure to come often to create your own magnificent Memories At The Beach (Click here to take a walk through tour).


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