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More Tybee Turtle Action!

If you know anything about Mermaid Cottages, you know we love our sea turtles! Well, the nest action keeps on coming here on Tybee Island. Nest Four hatched Friday, August 5th, during a rain storm. The wonderful folks over at the Tybee Sea Turtle Project even excavated a bit earlier than they planned due to more inclement weather. They found that 82 babies had hatched and made it out of the nest! The also found 17 unhatched eggs and one live baby straggler they happily released into the waves. No casualties either, so Nest Four was a success! Don’t you just love good news? We sure do!

photo credit: Tybee Sea Turtle Project Facebook Page

Speaking of news, have you been following Clover the sea turtle? It is so fascinating to see her journey charted, and right there on your computer screen at that! As of last Saturday, Clover has traveled over 200 miles!

Intrigued? Well, head on over to Seaturtle.org and follow Clover’s journey yourself! Just click the Track a Sea Turtle link, then look for Clover!

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