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Lord knows, she’s just about the busiest gal on Tybee Island!

She greets every guest upon arrival and bids them farewell when they depart.

She watches over every meal that’s prepared in the kitchen and poses for countless photographs in every room of the house.

Yes, we’re talking about Paula Deen…or rather her life-size cutout that resides at her Tybee Island beach house, Y\’all Come Inn.

Recently, one guest shared this with us:

We’ve been moving her from room to room throughout the house.  We never know where Paula might be hanging out.  Sometimes, it’s behind a door, in the kitchen or in a bedroom. She’s even surprised us by hiding out in a closet and once she surprised us by hiding in the shower.  At one point our 17 month old took to scurrying up and down the stairs unsupervised, so we placed Paula at the foot of the stairs to stand guard.   Our little girl did not go near the stairs for quite a while until she finally figured out that Paula wouldn’t stop her if she did.

She’s made public appearances at Seaside Sisters, around the island and in Savannah.  Through it all she’s never stopped smiling!













To show our appreciation we’d like to create a special album of fan photos with our Paula.

If you’ve been a guest at Y’all Come Inn or if you’ve had your photo taken with her on Tybee or in Savannah, please share the photos with us here on Facebook.  We’d love for you to be included in this special Paula Photo Album!

SMILE!  You’re in Paula’s Pictures!

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