Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

Seasons Change

by Cottage Cheese

photo by Margo Cook

Thank goodness for the wonderful memories of life, love, laughter, sun, sand and sea.

As the summer season winds down, take that last look at the sea before you head back home.  Soak it all in and let it last forever.
Wet your lips with the spray from the waves so that you will always keep the taste of the salty sea on your palate.
photo by Sheena Myers
Reach out with both arms and tuck away into your heart the sights of the sizzling sun as it melts into the surf…
…when you’re feeling a little beachy and in desperate need of a break from the stresses of life keep this link handy and let the memories of your Tybee Times soothe your soul…

But, most important…
Remember to live your best life.  Dream a little dream.  Grab for the best this world has to offer.  Take a chance on love.
David Riddle Proposed On Tybee Beach

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