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Brooks Cottage Guests

Here at Mermaid Cottages, nothing puts a smile on our faces quite like hearing from happy guests. It especially warms our hearts to hear from first-time visitors to Tybee- like Becky and Joe! They recently visited our island for the first time and stayed at Brooks Cottage.

“Just wanted to pop you a quick email to thank you for a truly wonderful vacation. Having never rented a house before, I wasn’t sure what to expect and I have to say that I was completely delighted with Brooks Cottage.

We usually go to Orlando for vacation and stay on-property at Disney in a military resort. I turn into the “Psycho Schedule Diva” and we run all over trying to fit in as much as possible to maximize our time in the parks. The husband complains that we return home more tired and stressed out than we were when we left. Add to that the complications of check-in, bag boys (and you’re not able to avoid them), parking fees, a very narrow balcony with 2 uncomfortable chairs, people stomping down the hallways all hours of the day and night, maid service that isn’t always convenient, worrying about whether the girls opened the in-room safe without telling us and forgot to lock it back, locking the safe and forgetting the combination, on-site restaurants that aren’t always serving the meal we’re ready to eat, figuring out the transportation schedule, waiting for the shuttle to the park, waiting at the gate, waiting for the shuttle to get back again, check-out, waiting on bag boys again… you get the picture.

This time, we didn’t feel we had to rush to get to check-in because the house was waiting for us to get there. Put the suitcases in the bedrooms, the make up case in the bath room and the groceries in the kitchen and we were settled. No waiting for a bag boy to bring our stuff up from the lobby and no worries about anything being missing. No worries about a maid coming in unexpectedly while we were catching a nap or a late afternoon shower. No worries about missing breakfast because we slept in. No worries for me about getting up at the crack of dawn and having to be quiet until the rest of the family was up… I made a pot of coffee and went out on the porch to greet the morning. No worries about Joe wanting to stay up later than the girls to watch something on t.v. since everyone had their own space. No worries about rain since there was a pool table and ping pong table on the ground floor. No worries for the girls about missing out on their internet time since we had WiFi access. We had all the comforts of home, all the privacy of home, with the ocean as our backdrop.

The stairs worried me because of the blood clots in my knee… didn’t think about that when we booked the house. However, by the end of the week, the additional exercise had worked wonders and I was going up and down with ease… not fast but steady… and the swelling behind my knee had gone down significantly.

Needless to say, we’ve fallen in love with Tybee Island and all the little places it has to explore. Where Georgia used to be our stop-over point, I think it’s going to be our destination for a while. And we’ll definitely be renting from Mermaid Cottages again. The girls had us driving all over the neighborhood looking for other Mermaid houses to see which ones we want to check out for the next time. We got home after the earthquake and before the hurricane totally relaxed and recharged.

Thank you again for one of the best vacations we’ve had in a long time!  ~Becky”

Thank you so much for sharing Becky! We are so glad  to hear that Tybee Island has stolen your heart. Your sweet email has us smiling ear to ear and we can’t wait to see you again. Don’t be a stranger, come back soon!

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