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Are You Coming To Our Next Beach Sweep?

The Tybee Beautification Association is sponsoring the next Beach Sweep this Saturday, September 24, 2011!

Meet us at the Tybee Pavilion between 9:30-10 AM to get your trash bags, gloves and trash grabbers and let’s run the trash out of town!

The Tybee Beautification Association regularly schedules Adopt-A-Highway and Beach Sweeps on Tybee Island.  Remembering ways we can individually help keep our beautiful island tidy on a day to day basis helps, too!  We can all be diligent about placing our trash  in proper receptacles, clean up behind ourselves and our pets, and even use disposable containers and bags when possible to reduce waste.

Keeping our island neat and clean isn’t just important to us, but for all of our wonderful wildlife and beach ecology, too.  Thanks for helping our island stay pristine and beautiful!   Keep Tybee Tidy!


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