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The Savannah Tall Ships Challenge is Coming!

The 2012 Savannah Tall Ships Challenge is coming!

Looking for something amazing to do next week? Well, Savannah sounds like a good idea to us! Savannah Georgia is known for it’s southern charm, hospitality, and beauty, so it’s no wonder this amazing city has been chosen to host the 2012 Savannah Tall Ships Challenge!

The Tall Ships Challenge is an annual event organized by the Tall Ships America. The event alternates in a three year cycle between the Great Lakes, the Pacific and the Atlantic coasts. This year, it’s Savannah’s turn!  This event draws hundreds of thousands of people nation wide, an why not? Who wouldn’t love the chance to view beautiful Tall Ships from the age of sailing at its most glorious! It’s an amazing and unique opportunity for the you to interact with the crews of the many different vessels. Join their passion as they engage in a friendly rivalry and race from port to port!

Just one of the many ships in the Savannah Tall Ships Challenge Gallery!
Come enjoy the grandeur of Tall Ships in Savannah, GA!

This is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience! The Historic Riverfront in downtown Savannah, Georgia will welcome some of the most majestic Tall Ships in the world. You won’t just see them from afar, either; you’ll be able to board your favorite Tall Ship. How exciting is that?!

There will be something for everyone to enjoy during the Savannah Tall Ship Challenege. Watch the race, or even board a ship…it’s all up to you! The fun begins May 3rd and runs through May 7th.  Be sure to get your tickets today! If you need more information, make sure to check out the Tall Ships Challenge website, email the event, or call  912.234.0295. Don’t wait! This will event is not to be missed! Plan your trip to Historic Savannah for the 2012 Tall Ships Challenge today!


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